Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good times, bad times, you know I've had my share.

Kim stopped by last night while I was making some blueberry pie. The pie tastes great but it's the most liquidy pie I've ever made. I didn't dry the blueberries before putting them in the pie. Bad idea. Kim tried the dough for the pie crust raw and didn't like it. I told her that it was because there was no sugar in it. So, I took the leftover pie crust, rolled it in sugar and rolled it out as I rolled sugar into it. Then I threw it on a pizza stone and baked it up at the same time as the pie. It was fantastic. I will be making that again for sure.

I have a slow leak in my tire and nobody seems to have time to help me fix it. I can't even get it into VW cause they are too busy. I stopped by a tire place yesterday and after standing in the lobby waiting for someone to help me for 10 minutes I left. The VW dealership promised me that if I stop in today they will squeeze me in.

Kim is coming back over tonight and we are going to play games, or cook something, or both - who knows. Miranda has committed me to only thinking positive thoughts, so I attribute this awesomeness in part to her. I haven't seen Miranda and Trevor since... maybe Friday? Going to have to fix that soon. I want to know how Trevor's new job is going that he started this week.

AWE is coming! Yes, the All-New-England Winter Extravaganza is back again. This year it will be in Exeter New Hampshire. Trevor Smith is completely redesigning the website (because he's awesome) so look for that soon at Right now you can see the info from last year.

I got my webcam out of the boxes of doom and have started video chatting on AIM, so if you're up for that some time let me know, even if it's just video from my end. I have all kinds of computer projects going on over here. I am working on setting up a windows server, although I am not sure what flavor of windows it will be running. I am working on setting up a VMware server to run my PBX on a virtual machine. Just all kinds of good stuff. You might notice that points to Nuke now. I don't know if the page will ever be put up again, but I'm working on it. The server got here, but it looks pretty beat up. I am not sure if it boots yet.

I may send out Christmas cards this year. Yeah, that sounds kind of crazy, but why not. That's still just an idea, don't plan on it going into action for sure.

The title: Led Zeppelin - Good Times Bad Times

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