Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This freeze-frame moment can't be wrong

There's a lot of things that I enjoy doing that I wish I was better at. One of those things is taking pictures. Since I got a digital camera several years ago I have taken a lot of pictures. Prior to owning a digital camera I had a film camera, and there's a box somewhere with a boatload of pictures in it. I never looked at them again after they were put in that box. My digital pictures on the other hand DO get looked at. I have the 10,000+ attempts to better myself at photography in a web photo gallery. I'm about 2 weeks behind right now at getting pictures up there, but if you're interested in taking a look, it will probably take you that long to sift through the 10,267 pictures. There might be a few less since I have had a handful of requests to pull pictures that I actually agreed to.

I would really like a new camera. Not one to replace my canon SD800, but to use for different circumstances. I carry my camera with me almost all the time. It comes in really handy to be able to just snap pictures whenever I need to, but the SD800 has a few shortcomings that a digital SLR does not. For example, a canon 40D. Little point and shoot cameras have shutter lag, they can only record images in jpg format, and you are limited to the lens that is built into the camera. A digital SLR doesn't have the shutter lag, they can record in several formats, including RAW, and you can buy many difference lenses for them. There's a lot more differences, but for now those are what I want. If a little point and shoot had those qualities I'd definitely be interested. Probably asking a bit much though.

I'm looking for either an online photo gallery site, or some server-side software that does some specific things. Tagging - I love how you can tag pictures on facebook. I would love if you could tag people in all of your photos on a gallery site and link them all to one thing. Labelling - it would also be excellent if you could have hidden labels for every picture that named the contents of the picture. Along with that the ability to put where the photo was taken, time of day, and even camera settings (if they could be pulled right from the jpg info that'd be even better). Captioning - as long as you are logged in there should be some very easy way to type in and save captions for photos. It'd also have to be fast, easy to upload photos, easy to customize, have the ability to turn on and off saving of photos (and right click), and I'd love if it automatically made the thumbnails. Yet again, too much to ask? Probably. If you know of anything, let me know.

The title: J Geils Band - Freeze Frame

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