Sunday, November 18, 2007

When you're young at heart.

I have debated with myself over whether I should mention my dating here. I'm going to go ahead and do it since there are people at the town hall in Agawam reading this and they always ask me about it.

I'm going to preface the beginning of mentioning dates by giving you a little insight into how dating works here in Utah. This isn't a solid rule or anything, but it's definitely different than dating was in Massachusetts, or at least before I joined the church. This is in part because this is how the prophets have told us it should be. Anyways, here it is... Dating here has no commitment. You can go out with a different girl (or guy) every night of the week and it's accepted. Not that people don't get jealous, but we are counselled to go on dates and not to have the idea that any more are required with that person. Previous to joining the church, in Massachusetts, it was harder. If you went on a date with someone you were then locked down to that person, until you broke up. it made it pretty hard to ask someone out on a date because then you were then committed to that one person! Not that I have commitment issues, that's not what my point is. The point is that you can see it this way... Until you kiss someone, you are free to date others. I think that's a great rule.

This week I went on a date with a girl who was 18 years old. I had a fantastic time, in fact, it was one of the most fun dates I have been on in a while. I seem to have developed a reputation for dating girls that are quite a bit younger than me, and I'm not going to deny it. The fun girls either turn to unfun girls as they get older, or they get married. Of course, that isn't ALWAYS the case, but I can tell you that girls that are closer to 18 than 30 that I have dated (in general) have a few more positive points. First of all, they aren't judging on a first date whether you are the person they are going to marry. They just have fun! Second, they're usually up for something a little more exciting. Dinner and a movie are great and all, but I'm a pretty big fan of doing something a bit more active, combined with something that gives you time to talk. Third, dating is more of a priority than other things. Yes, school is important, as is your callings, and work, and whatever else you do. You've got to make time to go on a date though! If I ask you to go on a date and you say you are busy all this week and not sure if next week will be very open, BUT you assure me that you really do want to go on a date with me, then you have a problem. I could list a few other things, but those are my main points.

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