Monday, December 17, 2007

Food, glorious food

Lately I've been gaining a bit of weight. Over the past few weeks I have made dozens and dozens of cookies and brownies, not to mention some impressively unhealthy meals. Yesterday I was planning on starting a diet, but was reminded of the familiar "The diet starts tomorrow" when I was invited to a birthday party at which was served a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner. The food was absolutely amazing. The birthday party was for my friend Nicole and the dinner was cooked by Lacie.

So, I looked on Craigslist and there are people offerring to transfer their Gold's Gym memberships for free (so you skip the signup fees) and you just continue to pay the monthly fee. I should be getting one tomorrow. I had to find a Gym that was decently priced and that was open 24 hours so that I can go there on my days off.

I'm still looking for something to do for Christmas. So far it looks like I might be sitting at home by myself in an empty house eating leftovers or something. Everyone is going home for Christmas, which I kind of wish I was, especially with the 2 feet of snow in Massachusetts.

My trip to California has changed to Tuesday the 18th. I should get to Long Beach around 6pm.

The title: Oliver! - Food, Glorious Food

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svasicek said...

hey, we'll live closeby to each other and i have a gold's gym membership too; we can go together, and that way i don't have to take the bus and we can stay motivated! what do you think?