Thursday, December 20, 2007

It Never Rains in Southern California

Yesterday I was in California! It was my first time there, and it was pretty uneventful. I was only there a few hours, and it was dark by the time I got to Long Beach. It was also raining. I was there to pick up Sarah Vasicek. She said she's been there 5 months and it has only rained 5 times, and that was one of them. I got to see the pacific ocean, and although it was in the dark, it was still cool. In fact, accross the bay there were cool building lit up that Sarah said were ugly during the day. I didn't get any pictures because I didn't want to take my camera out in the rain. Oh, I went down a one way street in the wrong direction when we were leaving and the cops chased me back in the other direction. I went to a Jack in the Box which I had never been to and got a chocolate shake. It wasn't very good. It snowed decenly hard for the last 300 miles of the trip, up until two towns south of Orem. Why can't it snow here?!?!

Last night at work I was kinda grumpy because I was tired and hungry. I started a diet, and I hate being hungry. Diets are supposed to be permanent, not just a temporary thing to lose weight. That's why I like weight watchers. I could live on that diet. Still, I had an egg and cheese omelette as soon as I got home from work. I gotta get used to eating less, and not eating junk very often. I've done it before, I can do it again.

Just a few days till Christmas. Starting to feel pretty crummy about not having anything to give anyone. I can't even regift stuff that I moved here cause lots of it is broken. Stupid movers, broke all my stuff and took all my money.

There's no sun today, so far at least, and I'm pretty happy about that. It looks like it will precipitate, which usually means a low pressure front, which means better sleeping!

The title: Albert Hammond - It Never Rains in Southern California

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