Saturday, December 8, 2007

The lights go out and I can't be saved

I find myself in a neverending spot of misplaced emotion. Loving the pain and ungrateful for the pleasure. Maybe I really haven't grown up. Maybe I'm stuck at 18. I never wanted to get any older. When I saw Tuck Everlasting I wanted to be "stuck" with them. It's an imperfection in my thinking that causes a lot of trouble. I am appreciative of all the kindness that has ever been given to me, especially the stuff that without any personal motive. For my shortsightedness in this lack of acknowledgment I submit my apology. An apology that in any form is inadequate.

How is it that there are those that have surpassed me in their capability to act like an adult when they are so much closer to the beginning of being an adult than I am. I guess when you act like an adult, you become one, so in that case they are leading by a long way.

The title: Coldplay - Clocks

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