Sunday, December 30, 2007

Over numbers, unencumbered numbered words

I was just watching a mildly inappropriate movie called Four Eyed Monsters. It starts off explaining that the four eyed monsters are couples. The narrator, whos is also one of the main characters, explains how he is envious of these monsters and details their characteristics. I think a lot of the movie could have been left out. A lot of it though said important things. I wish I had a video camera. I had one at one point, but it wasn't digital, and it seems to have dissappeared in the move.

Today was the second day at the gym. I loaded up my ipod with Doboy and was on the eliptical thing for 50 minutes. I really didn't feel like I accomplished anything. I coulda kept on going for hours but Katie came over and said she had to leave. She said I should try playing with the settings to make it harder. I had my eyes closed almost the entire time and it was much more pleasant than last time. My ipod battery normally dies after 15 minutes, but it lasted the whole time.

I talked to my old boss Jeff today. I wish I had had more time to chat. Sounds like things in the town of Agawam are going well. New fish, new mayor, new hardware.

I sat around today all by myself after the gym. There's really nobody around right now. I went through my phone book looking for local people that aren't visiting New England right now and all the ones that aren't were busy. I need to make some new friends. Maybe there's some people outside the ward the are friendlier (because the ones in the ward don't seem to be). Tomorrow I am going to Elder Ryan Johnson's homecoming. It'll be awesome to see him again.

The title: Jason Mraz - You and I Both

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