Saturday, December 29, 2007

What You Need

Over the past few days I have been on and off super sick. Fever, nausea, hallucinating. yeah, I should have gone to the hospital I'm pretty sure, but I don't have insurance yet. Mitt Romney needs to take over the country and get the whole USA some affordable insurance. the other thing I needed, some Tylenol. I was so sick I couldn't even get out of bed for some long stretches of the past few days. When I started feeling better I figured it was over and didn't go out and buy any. Now I'm at work, sick again, and I wish I had tylenol to at least kill this fever.

I went to the Gym tonight for the first time ever. Why aren't gyms filled with chubby out of shape people? It wasn't a terrible experience, in fact it was really nifty to try out some of the bajillion weight machines. The aerobic machines don't seem like they are means for someone with knee problems, or that have one leg a little shorter than the other. I think the gym would be most enjoyable blindfolded.

I leave for Florida in less than a week. I better be feeling better by then.

Going along with the new gym membership will be a diet. Katie, Lacey, and I will be starting a diet on the first (the day before I leave) and we'll be helping each other out. My job is to make people eat healthy, Katie's is to get me to the gym, and as far as I can tell Lacey's job is to motivate us to be anywhere even remotely as skinny as she is. I haven't figured out why she thinks she needs to lose any weight.

I continue to be at a loss for plans for my birthday. I plan my own birthday party every year and I'm not looking forward to turning 30, so I'll just let it pass I guess. There will be many other people's birthdays that I will have time to plan throughout the rest of the year.

The title: INXS - What You Need

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