Friday, February 29, 2008

Get on your bikes and ride

Yesterday I was on my way to the gym and got a call from Trevor. He needed help loading a trailer full of stuff at someone's house. So Sarah and I headed over there and we loaded up all this stuff and then helped unload it into a storage unit. The day before I broke out my bike and rode it to the gym. It was a super nice day. There was nobody available at the trainer station and I didn't want to just dig through her stuff to see if she left me anything, so I left and rode around town for an hour. I may not have gotten any of the weightlifting in, but it sure was nice to just ride around on my bike. The day before that I actually got Katie to go back to the gym. We did our 15 minutes of cardio and checked with the trainer station but all the trainers were gone and Lily hadn't left anything for us to do. There was a new guy there that said he could write up a quick workout for me, but I was still hurting from the day before so the break was welcome. My biceps are still sore and a whole week has gone by. Instead we left and went to the park where Katie's friend was tightrope walking (what he called slacklining). It was really hard to do.

Last night I made a hot fudge sundae with nuts and whipped cream. I have never felt so guilty about eating ice cream. I have been eating healthy for weeks and weeks. I have still not lost any weight, but I can fit into shirts that I could not a month ago.

I didn't make it out to MA for AWE. I didn't hear how it went besides that there was a snowstorm. I hope it went well. If you read this and you were there please send me an email telling me about it.

My landlord is remodeling the upstairs of the house, which is right over my bedroom. It has caused some problems with me being able to sleep. That's not a huge problem lately though because I haven't been able to sleep more than 4 hours a day. I must be an alien or something.

Today I made some fantastic burgers with chipotle pepper in them. Katie stopped by for some and I got her to eat a potato pancake. She was afraid she wouldn't like it, but she was wrong.

The title: Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls

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