Sunday, February 24, 2008

Order me up another slice of your pie

For many weeks I have been talking about making some lamb. Well, at the beginning of this week I found myself at Costco and picked up a lamb leg. Thursday night I roasted it up and also made some garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli to go with it. Dinner was an hour late because I realized about the time I was supposed to be putting the roast in the oven that my roasting pan was still somewhere in the garage in one of the many boxes. It took about 45 minutes to find it. I started everyone off with some field greens salad while I let the meat rest and then carved it up. It gave everyone time to chat and introduce each other. After dinner we all played a few rounds of scum and then finished off the night with some blueberry pie and ice cream.

I got a super sweet deal on a personal trainer, so I have been being advised by her daily at the gym. Her name is Lily and her personality is spectacular! She's one of the most enthusiastic people I have ever met in my life. I don't feel any stronger, and I haven't lost any weight, but I sure have been sore. I'm told that means it's working. When I worked at T&R years ago I was able to effortlessly carry four 50 pound bags of flour up a flight of stairs. Now I'd be lucky to be able to carry one. I would really really like to get back to that point, but honestly I can't see it happenning considering the cause of it was working 10 hours days, 4 days a week, that were essentially working out and getting paid for it. If only that job paid as much as the jobs I've had since, I would have stayed there forever.

Saturday night was the Bishop's Ball. It was a formal dinner and dance. I had heard that it was being catered, which is what convinced me to go. Turns out that it was baked potatoes. I'm not sure if those were catered, or if the activities committee prepared them. They were good, but not what I was expecting. Most of the girls there were with dates, which meant nobody to dance with, so me and the rest of the lonely guy table bailed after dinner. I wish that Geoff had been there. He had invited me to something Saturday night, but Alisa Bliss had told me to go to the ball. Shoulda gone out with Geoff.

While I was digging for my raosting pan I found some fantastic stuff! Every time I dig through those boxes I find more things I was missing. I found the brand new journal I had bought just before I left MA to replace the one I have that's just about full. I haven't been writing in the one I have because I was almost out of space. Any excuse to not write in the journal is a bad one. I also found my stereo, which is cool, even though I have no speakers. I have a whole surround sound system that I have to hook up to our teeny tiny TV in the living room, but there's nowhere to put it.

It's about tax time and I have no idea how that's going to go this year. I really hope I get a refund. I'm not sure if I'll be able to file as a Utah resident since I haven't switched over my license and registration yet. Massachusetts income taxes are brutal. When I worked in CT I always had to pay on my taxes even thought I had cttel take out extra taxes.

My check engine light is still on. The car has it's millionth appointment at Ken Garff VW tomorrow. Every time I bring it in there they tell me that the warranty didn't cover all of something and charge me a bunch of money. Dana VW always told me I had the best warranty you can get and I never had to pay for any of the work there. So not only does this place keep charging me money, but they never freaking fix anything. If my mom was here she'd set them straight.

The title: Motley Crue - Slice Of Your Pie

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