Sunday, February 10, 2008

To confuse the issue I refer to familiar heroes from long ago.

Anyone who gets married is a hero of mine. Sometimes I think maybe you need some kind of superpowers to pull it off. The falling in love part I think is a bit of chance. Sure, there's effort that needs to be put in to actually meet the right person, but it could really be anyone. The real challenge is making it through all the wedding plans, to the wedding, and through the wedding. I've DJ'd many weddings. I've catered one wedding. I've attended many weddings as a guest. People get so stressed out! I've heard many of the brides and groom say that they wish the could have just eloped and avoided all the stress of planning a wedding. All thatmay be true, but it just wouldn't be the same without celebrating with your friends and family. Last weekend I went to Kim Hales and Mark Ludlow's wedding. I had a fantastic time there. I never got to ask them how they enjoyed it, but I am positive that they did. They looked like some of the happiest people on the planet. I, of course, have pics coming soon. Wait till you see the cake "feeding" (smearing hehehe).

Yesterday was the New England YSA reunion in Utah. There was only people there from MA and CT. That was probably because I only sent the invite out to people from amherst and hartford institutes. I think there was around 20 people that showed up throughout the day. There should have been more because there were more that said they were coming. There will be pics posted, but they don't show how much fun we had. I think we all finally left around 11pm. The Phippens are totally awesome.

There are 4 days until Valentine's Day. I don't have any feelings for it this year. Some people hate the day and call it a celebration of single day. Some people get to celebrate it with the person they are dating or married to. I'm neither bitter, nor dating anyone, so it's just another day.

I shatterred the screen on my phone, which was a ppc-6601 (which probabaly means nothing to most people). I now need a new phone, badly. The one I am using only does outgoing calls because it is broken, it doesn't ring. I have threee phones in mind, but for tow of them I'd have to switch my cell carrier. If I stay with Sprint I'll go with the HTC Mogul 6800. If I go with AT&T *shudder* then I will get an iphone, and if I go with Helio I will get an Ocean. So far, it looks like the Helio Ocean might be what I go with.

I have been going to the gym, mostly every day, since I got back from Florida. I have lost 0 pounds and gained 0 pounds. How is that possible?

Carina Hatch, Kara Logie, and Kate Vasicek are all engaged. Congrats on that! There may be more. It seems that there are more every week. If I forgot you I'm sorry.

A bit more on heroes, and more relating to the title. I was at my friends Stephanie and Esther's house earlier this week. Esther and I started playing a question game where we asked questions back and forth. One of the questions I asked was "What is one of the most memorable moments of your life before this past year?" She had a really tough time coming up with anything, and then Eli Stone came back on (which is a totally awesome new show). While she was thinking through the commercial break I had the chance to think of tons of memorable moments in my life, and they all involved personal heroes of mine. I couldn't list them all right here, but if you read this, there's a pretty good chance that in some way, you're a hero to me. Thanks. I could never put into words how greatful I am for all the lives that have touched mine.

The title: Blues Treveler - Hook

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Hey... So I've finally looked at your I've been wanting to do my own blog... all my sisters have one and they keep telling me to do one... some day... anyways... so I just wrote you a message on facebook... and I still totally want to set you up... but I want to talk to you about it first... and I kinda want to do it in person... so maybe I can drop by ur place sometime... or the next time you have a get together... k so let me know about ur next get together. ( c :