Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Can you take me higher?

I've been doing a lot of climbing at Momentum climbing gym. Chris Austin had mentioned that he went to one when I was still in MA and it was a good time. The first time I went here my friend Mark told me it would turn into an addiction. I'm not quite sure I'd call it an addiction, but it sure is a fun way to work out. I'm still going to Gold's, but once or twice a week I head to Momentum.

The Beynons are coming to Utah for a visit on April 18th. I am pretty wicked excited. Michelle joined facebook last week, so now about half the family is on there. I haven't seen Michelle at all since I have been here even though we are in the same state now. I can actually say that about a lot of people.

Seth Melling is getting married. Not that it's a surprise, but maybe you're reading this and didn't know. Of course, maybe you have no idea who he is. There's a lot of people getting married, including my landlord.

I gave blood today and saved up to three lives with my pint! I gave at a red cross drive, which I am sorta opposed to since they charge hospitals between $200 and $300 per pint from what my friends at hospitals tell me, but I just never make it to the hospital to give blood. I filled the bag in 5 minutes flat. Pretty impressive time compared to my last few. Usually takes me closer to 7 mins.

I went on a short hike with Katie today. It seems like I haven't seen her more than one day in a month. She was dating a pretty cool guy from Logan, but it just didn't work out. So, she'll be around a lot more now. She had been spending a lot of time up in Logan, and when she was around here she was at her sister's. I need to get over to Parkway Crossing to visit their apartment. I haven't seen Lacey in a long time.

Saturday was a pretty awesome day of climbing at Momentum, singing at Geoff's playing Rockband, eating home-made ice cream, and coloring Easter eggs.

Thursday is training with Lily and I can't wait. I think the gym would be kinda dull without her. She's just got so much enthusiasm! I bet she's super fun on dates.

I have been really slacking on my photo taking lately. It's just that i don't go outside of Orem very often and so the scenery is all the same! I need to get out to some other part of Utah and take some different pics.

The title: Creed - Higher

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