Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Get out your seats and jump around

This past week the Beynons were visiting from Massachusetts. I got to spend all of Wednesday with Nate and Sarah. it was a super excellent day. We ate Breakfast at Bro Beynon's mom's house, then went to temple square for a few hours, then lunch with Rhonda Stratton, then to Momentum (climbing gym in Sandy), on to Jump On It, and then to Sis Beynon's sister's house for dinner. I got to meet a girl who I think was the Beynon's niece who was pretty awesome. She just got back from a mission.

Thursday I went to Sarah Vasicek's wedding luncheon, and then wedding. She married a dude named Mykle who is pretty great. I'm really happy for them! Friday night I DJ'd their reception which was pretty sweet. I have lots of pics to post. There was a cake face smear muahaha.

Work has been totally insane. Around 3am every morning the calls start rolling in nonstop. I really hope we get some people for the overnight shift soon. Everyone loves working for NetApp, it's just that they keep finding better paying jobs and leaving. I guess I can't blame them.

I got an email from someone today, one that I have gotten from other people. It says that Obama is Muslim and that Muslims are evil. Ugh, if you get that email please note that Obama has gone to a Christian church for 20 years. Also keep in mind that a person's religion doesn't make them inherently evil. Having said that, Obama's pastor freaks me out with his hate for America and white people. I don't see how you can attend church for 20 years and not share similar beliefs. If you're going to judge him, at least judge him on something factual hehe.

I have tooootally been slacking at my gym attendance. I've been at least going to Momentum a bit, but once a week at Gold's is crap. I'm back to fully operational and should get back on schedule.

If anyone is looking for used laptops now is the time to hit craigslist. There's a flood of students getting rid of them cheap. Heck, they're getting rid of all kinds of stuff cheap. We need a dining room table here, so I'm on the lookout.

It looks like Spring is finally here. I hope it doesn't snow anymore. It keeps warming up to 70+ and then snowing the next day. The people say that is normal for here. Crazy Utah.

The title: House of Pain - Jump Around

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