Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Has it ever felt like this

I was just watching October Road which is a show based in a fictional town in Massachusetts. I have all the episodes, and I am watching it from the beginning in my spare time. It brings back so many memories from growing up. I was thinking about the times in Otis that a bunch of us would sit in my parent's trailer playing cards on a rainy day listening to Poison. My mom used to love Poison (and Motley Crue, Warrant, other hairbands). I'm not sure she still does because when I was last home there was always country music on. Growing up though, it was usually 107.3 WAAF. The station has changed a lot since then. Me, Patrick, Adam, Barbie, Jeff, Lisa, Ben, JR, and sometimes other kids would sit on the beach and listen to the radio. I had a wooden case that had all the CD's I owned in it. We were allowed to plug in under the house on the beach cause we were seasonal there. I sometimes wish that life could have stayed the way I remember it then.

Before Otis I remember JP, Derek, Brian, Kristin, and the other kids on Barry Street. We did crazy stuff like building treeforts and rope swings. We went fishing for largemouth bass on the golfcourse. We trekked for miles through the woods and swamps behind our houses. I used to fear getting beat up at school back then, and from some of the older kids on Barry Street too. I can't look back on it in any other way than to think that life was good back then too.

Some time after Otis it transitioned to the people from my store, and then to the people that worked at RCN. I don't think I have changed much since as far back as I can remember, but my life sure has. I'm sorry for all those people that I've left behind. I miss you all. I'm still not sure why I'm here in Utah, but I sincerely hope that someday I will look back on it and it will be a fond memory just like all the other time periods I've had.

For the past several weeks, maybe even a month, I've been drained of all energy. It started a few days after I gave blood and I just started getting my energy back on Wednesday last week. On Saturday I went skiing for 6 1/2 hours without sunscreen. I then spent several days in bed because my face was so burnt that my face swelled up and I couldn't see. Hopefully today or tomorrow I will be back to the gym and the climbing gym.

Two days ago it was 87 degrees outside. Terrible timing for good sunny weather when your face is burnt to a crisp. Yesterday it snowed. The weather here is totally insane.

The title: Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn


Mark and Kim said...

I agree with the insane weather! I hope you're feeling better and can come climb soon! We miss you at the gym--though I heard you had a good day last Wednesday!

Damaris said...

woah I'm stoked you have a blog! I miss your nice bear hugs