Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Im out in the cold

I'm going to start with just moments ago and work backwards because I'm pretty heated right now and it is fresh in my mind. It seems today is the day we started lockdown on the front of the house (without warning). That's fine, I can deal with it, there are other doors. it makes it an annoyance to get to my bike in the garage, or my food out there, but not the end of the world. The doors on this house have been unlocked nonstop for as long as I have lived here, and from talking to past residents, as long as they can remember. The front doors that is. The side door, which we are now to use is always locked. It has always annoyed the heck out of me that no matter how many times I unlock it, someone locks it again. Why do that when the front door is always left open and hardly anyone uses the side door? Today that changed. Tonight I got home, and yet again the door was locked. Nobody in this house has keys to any of the doors. Maybe Greg (the landlord) does, but he's in Hawaii or something on his honeymoon. I knocked on the door. No answer of course, everyone was in their rooms. I hammered on the door with a wrench till Paul opened the door. This is going to happen to me again, and when it does, someone is going to get hurt.

Today was April 1st. April Fool's day. I played a very simple prank by changing my facebook status to say I was getting married, and then a few hours later to say I was movign back to Massachusetts in a week. A decent amount of people fell for it. Rock on!

I made some raisin walnut bread today. I'm still tweaking with the recipe. It needs more sugar and cinnamon, and for some reason didn't rise very much.

It's cold here in Utah again. After a week of almost 70 it is back into the 20's and 30's again. Please Spring come soon.

On Saturday I catered Greg's wedding reception. The two options were filet mignon with broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes, or lemon pepper chicken with rice and cadied carrots. There was about 80+ people at the reception. They devoured almost 60 pounds of filet mignon and 25 pounds of lemon pepper chicken. I cooked for two days. All was going well until it got close to the time of the reception. I sent Miranda over to the chapel with broccoli where someone was supposed to let us in at 1, but nobody showed up till 2:30 (this was supposed to start at 3). All the food would not fit in my car so Paul had to come and help load the stuff up in his car. We were already running a little bit late, but not bad. Paul got a flat on the way there. When we got there the wind was gusting as super high speed (this was being cooked on a grill outside) and someone had just pulled the fire alarm. After it got going things went well. Lots and lots of people complimented the food. I had some excellent help plating and serving the food.

I have been sick for over a week and I want to be better already.

The title: Tom Petty - Out in the Cold

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Jessie Adams said...

count one more person that you fooled with your Facebook prank. :) I read the one about you moving back to Mass and I thought wow that is a quick move to make in one week! I'm glad you are having a good time in Utah and that you are not moving after all.
Much luv