Sunday, May 4, 2008

It seems to me that maybe pretty much always means no

Yesterday I asked someone to go to a concert and they said maybe. It is in August, which is pretty far away. I thought that if I asked people if they wanted to go that I should give them enough notice that they wouldn't have anything planned. So, if someone tells you maybe on something so far away, how long do you wait before you find someone else to go? I had not anticipated an answer of maybe, only yes or no, thereby giving me time to find someone else that wants to go if they said no.

I have found that people can now find me many more places if I am online now. Previously, if I did not get on AIM they had no way to send me a message. Now if I get on gmail or facebook I have messages popping up from people. I think it is a cool feature to be able to message people that are currently using the same webpage that you are, but sometimes not wanted.

The title: Jack Johnson - Flake

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