Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother should I trust the government?

Happy Mother's day! Today I got to talk to my mom, and my dad's mom (My grandma). I got to talk to Sister Beynon, and I sent texts to lots of other mom's telling them happy mother's day :) Moms are pretty awesome. I wouldn't be here without one, and neither would you!

This week I "got" my State tax return. It was a letter from the IRS that said they had decided to levy my return for $50 with a $25 administrative fee which left exactly $0 left.

Saturday was a pretty busy day! When I woke up I headed to the store to get some vegetables. Then I made some vegetable shishkabobs. Tom Lane came over at 5 and we ate grilled veggies and meat that I had marinated. After that we went to Carina Hatch's wedding reception. It was terrific to see Carina. She looked more fantastic than ever. I am now really super behind at getting all my pics onto my photo gallery. The food at the reception was from Kneader's and was fantastic. The best food were two desserts. One was a little chocolate bowl with mousse, whipped cream, and topped with a chocolate covered cherry. The other was a little key lime pie with e teeny slice of lime in it. Exceptionally tasty. After the wedding reception I dropped off Tom and headed to a bonfire planned by my friend Bruce. I was eating s'mores there hehe. That woulda been enough, but I went to Miranda and Trevor's after and hung out for a while.

Tonight at work we are having a barbecue around 3am. I brought a lot of meat that is marinated in my home-made barbecue sauces, one made from mango, one from pineapple.

The title: Pink Floyd - Mother


Jessie Adams said...

Hey Greg! I've tagged you on my blog!

Mark and Kim said...

All this marinated grilling action is really making me miss your cooking!

JulieAnn said...

Had I know that meat was specially marinated by you I might have taken an exceptionally long lunch break from work to come sample! I'm now super sad that I missed out.

I was thinking about that wonderful breakfast you made a couple conferences ago.... YUM