Friday, May 9, 2008

This is a land of confusion.

Some of my friends clarified my maybe invite to a concert. This is Utah, people get married in under 3 months. Yeah, they're right.

So, I have 4 tickets to see Jack Johnson in August. Probably about 2 weeks before the concert I'll try to track down some people that want to go, and if I ask you and you already have something planned that you can't get out of, then you just don't want to go bad enough.

Over the past week I had a spectacular dinner at Tucanos, got a box of cookies from my friend Dana in MA, went climbing at Momentum till I couldn't use my arms, worked out with my trainer, went on a long bike ride up a mountain. I'm sure there was more, but I forget what happened this week.

I saw a posting on about hacked firmware that you can run on canon cameras to add a bunch of functionality. I can now take pictures in RAW, which rocks. Lots of other features too.

The title: Genesis - Land of Confusion

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Rachel Smith said...

I see you have come to find what the culture is like in the "land of milk and honey". It does sound like you have been having a lot of fun though. I read your comment on our blog and just so you know, you can come down just about anytime (we're usually in town) and we'll go on some awesome hikes. I think we'll be up your way sometime in June, I hope. We gotta hang out. Talk to you later.