Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sucking too hard on a lollipop or love's gonna get you down.

On Saturday afternoon I went hiking with Dawnee and she offered me a Gatorade and a sucker. I know that people call lollipops suckers, but I don't think I have ever heard anyone say it before then.

It has been an incredibly fun and busy week.
Tuesday I went mountain biking with Tom. We've been getting a little farther every time we go.
Wednesday 8 of us went to see Stone Temple Pilots. I thought it was an excellent show. The opening band was kinda terrible. before the concert we ate at the Mayan, where Trevor used to work (diving). The scenery in there was cool, and the divers were neat, but the food wasn't so good.
Friday I went camping with Dawnee and a bunch of people she invited. We ate lots of meat and s'mores haha. It was pretty awesome.
Saturday I woke up not long after the sun did and after breakfast went hiking with Dawnee. We found some cool geodes. There were these gross bugs shedding their exoskeletons all over the trees. I got sunburned. After I got home I drove to Sandy and went mountain biking with Tom (cause I'm nuts). We got way farther than we did previously and it felt good to ride so much. After the ride we went and saw The Hulk (and ate ice cream). It was waaay better than the last Hulk movie, and it looks like we're headed for a whole bunch of comic book movies tied together.
Sunday after church I was supposed to sleep. Instead, Trevor called me and told me to come over for dinner. We all ate outside on the front lawn and then went for a drive around the alpine loop after. When we got back I went home, grabbed lunch and my laptop, and then headed to work. Turns out that i didn't have to be in until 4am for training.

Today for the first time ever I got to go iceblocking. For those of you that don't know what that is, you get a block of ice, throw a towel on it, and ride it down a grassy hill. It was a really fun time, and I was glad my sleep schedule worked out so that I could do it.

I could not make it to my session with Lily on Wednesday because we left so early for STP. I have left messages and sent texts, but haven't gotten a response. Maybe she already left for Alaska. Orrr maybe she's in Moab. I think I've been making up for it a bit, but there hasn't been a day this week that I thought to myself "Dude, I'm so sore I can barely move" so I must not be trying hard enough.

The title: Mika - Lollipop


Jessie Adams said...

I love that Mika song :)

Kelly Tillotson said...

hey greggers! i miss you so much! it seems like you are having a fun filled life in utah!! i call brigham's pacifiers suckers! anyway, i love you like crazy and hope you still have a little love left for the tillotson bunch.
hope to hear from you soooooooon.