Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who let the dogs out

I recently got a dog. Her name is Wendy. She is an airdale terrier. Esther and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while and she had just reached the point where she thought we would never agree on a dog (and therefore never get one). I have been waiting to hear about a job in New York since July, we couldn't agree on a dog we liked, and we work opposing schedules. She showed up one day while I was sleeping and tried to wake me up "to meet someone". I told her to come back later. Turns out it was Wendy she wanted me to meet. This is one totally awesome dog. She was 4 months old when we got her and she has grown a lot, but she will grow a lot more. An airdale looks kinda like a cross between a yorkie and a deer. Originally she was very shy and obedient. Not she is a ball of energy and often won't listen to us. The Dog Whisperer has been a HUGE help, but sometimes we still aren't the leader of the pack.

I know you think she looks small, but she isn't.

Lots of my friends in the past month or two had kids. While they were birthing I got a dog, and I'm ok with that. Yes, I am old, and getting older. There's probably never a "good time" to have a kid, but I'd like to wait at least a few more months. This new dog has been good training so far.

I got a fantastic new phone - The Sprint Hero. It runs android, which is completely new to me. The OS could be a little more respinsive, but the fact that the programs for it are almost all free is real nice. I don't have to pirate buy software for my phone! I have had the phone for a week and paid $200 for it. It is my luck that today the price dropped to $100. There have been amazing deals on so many things over the past two weeks. I think that black friday will be a letdown in comparison, and judging my the leaked ads I think I'll be right.

Halloween came and went pretty quickly, and I wish it had lasted longer. We now leap into the depressing season of gifts and greediness. Bleh.

Adobe released a sweeeeet beta of flash that improves the performance of hulu desktop by tons. Some day I hope to be able to watch hulu on my phone. Still in the works.

For anyone who hasn't seen me in a while, and is in the Utah area, you should get in contact with me so we can do something. I miss my friends!

The title: Baha Men - Who Let the Dogs Out

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