Friday, December 17, 2010

Can I handle the seasons of my life?

I was so happy for an extremely busy day today at work.  It was good to get my mind off of real life and just work.  I gave everyone at work nerf guns today.  Hopefully some good fun comes out of that.

I like a soap opera.  I know, shameful, but I really enjoy it.  The show is Being Erica.  I thought it got canceled at the end of the 2nd season because no new episodes came on Hulu, but it turns out there is 3rd season!  The same thing happened with the show Merlin which I also love.

I am supposed to be hitting the gym every day, but instead I have been baking every day.  Exercise is one that that I have a lot of trouble doing alone.  I miss having Lily to work out with.  She isn't planning to visit California until this summer.  I certainly can't wait that long to do some exercise haha.

I ordered a computer today.  I got a pretty loaded Dell XPS 8100 with a 24" monitor for $1000.  Oddly, it absolutely killed me to spend that much money.  There's one thing I use more than anything though, and that's a computer.

I cannot motivate myself to tackle the mountain of boxes of my stuff in the middle of my living room.  I need to get the stuff put away, but I would rather not look at it and just stuff it in a closet.  I have the extra closet space since this place has 2 bedrooms and it looks like the other one is never going to be filled with a person.

The tabernacle in Provo burned down today.  Lots of people are sad, but I've never been there, so I don't really know how great it was.

For dinner tonight I made tomato jalapeno soup.  I went a bit overboard on the jalapenos, but it was very tasty even if it was a tad spicy.

The title: Smashing Pumpkins - Landslide

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